Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Tiny Houses For Seniors

Tiny White HouseAfter more than four years on the road, we made the decision to move back into a house. We knew we wanted a small house, but not a tiny house. There is a reason for this decision.

Although we love tiny houses and would love to live in one, it is not feasible for us at this time. We will revisit this possibility in a few years.

Why we love the idea of living in a very small house? Primarily, it is because the cost of living is minimal, and they don’t take much to clean or maintain. All this will leave us time and money to do what we love to do the most – travel, and have adventures near and far.

The reason is that I have a medical issue that prevents me from climbing. I need a house with accessibility to all rooms on one level – no stairs or ladders.

We wanted to rent however it appears that there are very few suitable houses available if you have three dogs. After a few months of searching, we decided to buy.

We quickly found a house that fits our needs, in the small city we love, in a great part of town. It is slightly larger than what we wanted but is still classified as a small house. We get to continue our simple living, just on a slightly larger scale than planned.

Revisiting the tiny home plan:

Our new-to-us house is not our forever home. Our long-term goal for our senior years, is to build a one-level tiny home on the same property of one of our boys. Our house will be customized to suit our needs as we get older.

We’ll start with a tiny house plan and customize it to suit our needs. We have many ideas and plans. If you’ve watched any of the house shows on TV, you’ll likely have got some great ideas too.

For seniors, building and living in a tiny dwelling on the property of relatives is becoming increasingly popular. This option allows aging parents to live in the comfort of their own home instead of in a senior home environment.

Senior complexes are a great idea but not everyone likes the idea of living in an all senior home environment. Some like to maintain as much of their independence for as long as possible. As we age, it gets more difficult to keep up with the needs of a house. When you have the ability to live in a tiny house, close to family, all the expense and demands are minimized.

Tiny houses for seniors just makes sense.

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