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Video Sale

40% Off Tiny House Construction Video

Construction VideoThis week, the tiny house construction video is on sale. The price is 40% less than the regular price.

That means you can get it for $35.95 instead of paying $59.95.

But you’ll need to get it right away as the sale price is only good until Friday (August 19).

The video teaches you how to do:

  • framing
  • windows
  • plumbing
  • finishes
  • and much more.

Some of the answers you’ll discover include:

  • How do you attach it to a trailer.
  • How to secure your roof so it doesn’t blow off when traveling.
  • What building materials should you avoid using.
  • How is plumbing different in a tiny house.
  • What types of trailers.
  • How is framing different in a tiny house.

Now is the perfect time to get your copy of the tiny house construction video. You’ll be able to watch and learn, as needed.

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