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July 2016 Bundle Sale Tiny Houses

Bundle SaleStarting July 4th there is a sale on tiny house plans. This sale will last for five days only (July 4th to July 9th).

What can you get?

You can choose a bundle of 6 or 12 designs from the Tiny House Design plans.

For the next five days:

A new pack of six designs is $39.
The original 12-pack of plans is $79.

Bonus – With the package you buy, you’ll get a copy of the Tiny House Floor Plans ebook for Free.

If you don’t want to buy a predefined package, you have the option to buy you pick of six plans for the same cost as the sale price.
You’ll need to use the Coupon Code: 6FOR39 for this option.

This is a great opportunity to buy different tiny house plan designs at a huge discounted price.

You may be asking “Why would I want to buy more than one design?”

One reason that comes to mind is if you want to build a tiny house with some customization, having different designs could give you many good ideas. You may find combining a few different designs into one plan would give you the exact custom house design you want and need.

I have found that there are some things I like in a house but not everything. I get lots of great ideas from seeing many different designs and plans.

This July tiny house plan sale is the perfect opportunity to buy more than one plan for a low price.

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