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New Tiny House Designs

Brand New Tiny House Designs Added

The Tiny House Design company has recently added three new house plans to their house designs.

Two of the new designs are 24′, and one is 20′ long.

In celebration of the new additions, they are offering the designs for half-off. There is no set date for the sale to end but they say the sale will only be available for a short time.

That means you shouldn’t wait if you are interested in buying the plans for any of these houses if you want to save money.

Here are a few details about the new designs (when you click the links below, you’ll need to scroll down on the page to find the individual house design you are interested in):

LeggettLeggett 24
The Leggett is a 24-foot long tiny house on wheels with a 3/12 shed roof.
It has french doors from the living room.
A bedroom is at the opposite end of the house.
The kitchen and bathroom are in the center.
There is a sleeping loft for guests or kids.

ComptcheComptche 24
The Comptche is 24-foot long and has two distinct sides, each with french doors leading to the outside.
The back room is large enough for a double or queen bed. A pocket door closes the bedroom off from the rest of the house.
An alternating step staircase that could pivots up out of the way.

NavarroNavarro 20
The Navarro is 20-foot long.
It has an alternating Step Tansu Staircase that leads up to the sleeping loft.
There is a lot of storage built within the stairs.
Four large windows let tons of light into the house.

Click here for all the details about all the house plans and designs. Click the Tiny House Plans link in the top menu bar.

These three houses are only a few of the many tiny house designs that this company offers for sale.

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