Living Small Means Living Debt Free

A Tiny House Company New To Us

Don Vardo Tiny HouseAlthough PAD (Portland Alternative Dwellings) is not a new tiny house company, but it is a new addition to Affordable Housing Designs. We have been promoting their book for years but have just added more information about them.

PAD Tiny House Plans and Designs

They are another well-established company that designs, plans and builds tiny houses.

They are located in Portland, Oregon. As far as we can tell, they primarily work with people in Portland and the surrounding areas.

The owner, Dee Williams, built and and has lived in her tiny home for many years. It all started with a health scare which prompted her to simplify and de-stress her life.

Over the years, they have added new and updated house plans and designs.

Currently, there are five building designs to choose from.

The sizes range from very, very small to a typical tiny house size. That means there is something for everyone whether you want a full-time place, a house that is suitable for a vacation home, or a place the perfect size for an office or studio.

Each design is equally cute and well-planned out.

You can check out their house designs here.

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