Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Ten Reasons Living In Tiny Houses Is Best

Small Wood HouseI’ve always said living in a small house leaves you with a life that is without debt, without stress, and gives you more freedom.

Here is a condensed list of the best reasons why you would want to downsize and simplify your life. Life is too short to waste it.

1. Connect with your loved ones.
2. Little or no mortgage necessary.
3. Live life your own way.
4. Inspire your creativity.
5. Take your home with you wherever you go.
6. Enjoy nature.
7. Downsize and free yourself from “stuff”.
8. Have more time.
9. Live a greener lifestyle.
10. Save money.

It all starts with research.

Tiny houses come in sizes from extremely tiny to 500 square feet.

If that is too tiny for you, you can live quite comfortably in a house that is slightly larger and still benefit from the small size and all that it saves you.


Tiny House TrailerYou can build your house on a foundation in a permanent location, or you can build the house on wheels so that you can move it.

When you build your home on wheels, you’ll need a specialized trailer; one that is built specifically for these types of houses.


You’ll need to choose or custom design the look and layout, from the outside to the inside. There is more information and choices these days than there was a few years ago.


You can choose to build your new home yourself or have it built for you.

If you want to build it yourself but don’t have the knowledge, there are tiny house workshops that will give you all the information you need.

If you aren’t able to attend one of the workshops, the next best thing is to take a tiny house building ecourse.


People from all over the country are building small houses as a permanent home, a cottage, a hunting lodge, guest quarters, instead of traveling with a recreational vehicle (trailer), an in-law suite, and student housing.

You may have seen some episodes of TV shows that feature these houses. There are some really simple designs, and there are some really elaborate custom designs.

It’s surprising how much you can get in and how much you will get from living in a tiny home.

Tiny house living is not for everyone. The best suggestion is to make sure you do lots of research, put lots of thought into the decision, and visit as many tiny houses as you can before making a commitment.


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