Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Upcoming Workshops For Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed WorkshopsIt’s that time of year. Time to start planning to build your own tiny house. Most of the tiny house workshops have been scheduled and are ready for your registration and attendance.

Design and build a tiny house to live in on a permanent basis, as a granny suite for your aging loved ones, for inexpensive student accommodations, to rent for extra income, or as a cottage by the lake.

Tumbleweed upcoming workshops:

Click Here for all the Tumbleweed house building workshops.

Phoenix, AZ – April 2-3
Houston, TX – April 9-10
Minneapolis, MN – April 16-17
Boulder, CO – April 30 – May 1
Berkeley, CA – May 14-15
Newark, NJ – May 21-22
Seattle, WA – June 4-5
Nashville, TN – June 11-12
San Diego, CA – June 25-26

Plus many more in the following months. They have workshops scheduled for every month throughout the year.

Sale Price: The sale price is $299. You’ll save money when you register early.

There is also a flyer that you can download for free.

Tiny Home Builders upcoming workshop:

Click Here for their Atlanta workshop.

Atlanta, GA – April 30 – May 1, 2016

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