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Building A Tiny House Book

Design & Construction BookA new and improved tiny house design and construction guide book is almost ready.

Tiny Home Builders is in the process of finalizing a new and improved version of their tiny house design and construction guide. It’s expected to be released by the end of March 2016.

At this time, they are offering you the opportunity to buy a softcover of the current edition for $5 off the regular price.

Tiny House Design and Construction Guide

Reading a tiny house book is usually the first step people take when considering building their own very small house. The book remains a go-to source throughout the process.

This guide helps you understand all of the steps that need to be taken before and during the building process.

This version of the design and construction guide consists of 143 pages and over 100 color photographs and illustrations.

Click on the link above for more information and to get your copy today.

This discount is only available while stock lasts. If you would like to get the book, you will want to order yours today.

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