Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Small House, But Not Tiny

Old Neglected Small House Restored

Restored CabinAt 700 square feet, this house is not considered tiny by today’s standards. It is small which is a suitable size for many people looking to downsize their life.

This small building has been restored into a gorgeous cabin.

The idea for these types of homes is to conserve, restore, protect, and remodel buildings that have been neglected. Essentially, it’s recycling a building that would otherwise remain uninhabited or torn down.

The building was a neglected property in Idaho and has been rebuilt for the purpose of becoming a permanent rural home or a vacation home.
The nearest neighbor is, at least, five miles away.

small cabinThe house setting is in a previously used farmers field. It has clear views of the fields all the way to the mountains.

About the building:

The main floor consists of a good size master bedroom with a large bathtub. The master bedroom comprises approximately 40% of the structure.

The bedroom is at one end of the house, and the kitchen is at the other. In the middle is the living area.

There is a large deck just outside the home.

There are lots of big windows to take advantage of all the gorgeous views, including the mountain range.

There is a decent sized loft bedroom on the opposite end of the house to the master bedroom that is accessible by a ladder. The loft has two windows, one that is a sufficient size to take advantage of the view.

Loft BedroomThe house is completely off-grid which is understandable because of the location.

This place would make the perfect home for someone looking for seclusion, and a relaxing stress-free way of living.

I especially love the idea that they’ve taken a long neglected building and made it into something inviting and livable. Finding a structurally sound old building and transforming it into a home space is great for the environment and would provide the owner something to be proud of.

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