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Rent A Tiny Rustic Cabin

A Tiny Rustic A-Frame Cabin For Rent

Outside ViewHere is a tiny house that you can rent for one night, one week, a month, or longer.

If you’ve thought about giving off-grid (roughing it) a try, this one will be of interest to you.

What you get is a unique vacation experience.

This A-frame location is in Gasquet, California. It is deep in the Northern California redwoods and is part of a remote, off-grid village. The nearest neighbor is a Buddhist Hermitage about a mile away.

Nearby sights to see include:

  • Jedediah Smith Park, home of Stout Grove and other beautiful redwood hikes. The entrance to the park is approximately a 34-minute drive.
  • Crescent City is approximately 50 minutes.

If you like nature and a quiet thoroughly relaxing time, you’ll love this place.

If you want to experience living rustic, you’ll love this place.

Within the ecovillage, you’ll find chickens, dogs, frogs, cats, permaculture gardens, and everything to do with sustainability.

Not only will you enjoy peace and quiet, but you’ll also experience living in a small space and sustainable living.

The inside:

  • There is one bathroom with a composting toilet.
  • The one bed is a futon.
  • There is no electricity, but there are a flashlight and lantern for your use.
  • There is no phone, GPS, or internet service.

The bathhouse has a toilet and a shower.

The outside:

  • There are the resident domestic animals that include three dogs, cats, goats, and chickens.
  • As the location is remote, you may see one or many of various forest animals such as chipmunks, foxes, black bears, birds, and more.
  • There is no kitchen in the cabin. However, there is a shared outdoor kitchen.
  • You’ll find numerous trails that run through the 160-acre property, and lots of forestry roads to explore.
  • You’ll also find a swimming hole nearby.

I would suggest reading through all the information that they offer. The house and location are very rustic.

If you aren’t into remote and rustic, this may not be the vacation for you.

If you are adventurous, love nature, and rustic (or want to give it a try), then this would be the ideal place for you to vacation.

Gasquet Tiny House Rental

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