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Big Savings On Tiny House Plans – Tiny House Holiday Sale

Here we go again. This is the sale you may have been waiting for.

Here is an opportunity for you to save big on tiny houses.

Holiday 2015 Tiny House Sale

Starting today (December 8, 2015), you can take advantage of BIG-savings when you buy a tiny house building plan from Tumbleweed.

Plus you’ll get free gifts with the purchase.

This is not your typical sale where you’ll save a small amount. Saving any amount is good but with this sale, you can save a lot.

The holiday bundle includes:

  • Building plans for $499 (the regular price is $759). You’ll save $340!
  • Construction DVD for FREE.
  • Tiny House Style book for FREE.
  • DIY stair plans for FREE.
  • Dormers included with the plans for FREE.

There are seven floor plans that you can choose from.

They are also giving you the opportunity to make the payment in three payments.

The big sale starts today and ends on Christmas day (December 25, 2015).

This one is their annual holiday sale. It is usually the best discount offer you’ll get from them all year.

They have sales at various times throughout the year but they are never as good as the holiday sale.

Click here for the Holiday Bundle Sale opportunity for you.

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