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Sale On Tiny House Workshops

Workshop SaleThe past few weeks have seen some great sales on tiny house workshops.

Although the Black Friday deals have ended, Tumbleweed builder has decided to extend their sale prices.

The Tiny House Workshop Sale Prices and Dates

The new sales prices have been applied to each of the dates for their workshops throughout the year.

Some of them are on sale for $50 off; other sales are for $100 off. You’ll need to scroll down to find the location of your choice to see what the discount is for your location.

We have no idea how long they’ll be offering the great prices. You may want to register for a workshop in your area right away, before the cost goes back to regular price.

Their tiny house workshops are offered throughout the country and into Canada. They are in a different location each weekend.

Each is a two-day workshop given by experienced instructors.

This is your opportunity to learn, ask questions, see a tiny house in-person, and network with other like-minded people.

It’s the perfect next-step on your tiny house journey.

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