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Video Tour Of Tiny Houses

Videos Of Tiny Houses You Can Build

Tiny House VideosAre you a visual person? I know I am. I get a better idea of what a house would look like from seeing the house or seeing a video of a house better than I can from blueprints. Tumbleweed tiny homes understands that. They created a series of video tours of tiny houses.

Now you can take a look at houses that have been built. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

Wondering what type of Tumbleweed Tiny House will best fit your personality? Take a video tour of different house designs today!

The videos take you on a tour of some of their houses. The show you the inside and the outside which gives you a good idea of what is possible.

These are guided tours that explain a little about each place.

And each house plan they have can be customized to suit your home and your lifestyle. That means you aren’t limited to the exact design they offer.

The three homes they showcase are:

The Elm.
This design is based on the very first Tumbleweed house. It has a full porch and an arched window above the front door.

Cypress 24.
This one is full of amenities like a full size refrigerator, air conditioning, a washer/dryer combo, a downstairs bedroom, and a staircase.

Linden 20.
This one has the largest loft and a full size porch. You’ll notice it is quite unique with a clever and spacious design.

The fourth video explains about the customize options, the windows, insulation, and the finishing touches.

These videos are a great addition to help in your research and decision making. They help you understand what a tiny house looks like and how they work.

They show you what is possible and give you a good starting point for your ideas. Maybe you’ll decide that one of the designs is perfect exactly as it is.

These video tours of tiny houses are free to watch and the tour is only a few minutes each.

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