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Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Small House, But Not Tiny

Old Neglected Small House Restored

Restored CabinAt 700 square feet, this house is not considered tiny by today’s standards. It is small which is a suitable size for many people looking to downsize their life.

This small building has been restored into a gorgeous cabin.

The idea for these types of homes is to conserve, restore, protect, and remodel buildings that have been neglected. Essentially, it’s recycling a building that would otherwise remain uninhabited or torn down.

The building was a neglected property in Idaho and has been rebuilt for the purpose of becoming a permanent rural home or a vacation home.
The nearest neighbor is, at least, five miles away.

small cabinThe house setting is in a previously used farmers field. It has clear views of the fields all the way to the mountains.

About the building:

The main floor consists of a good size master bedroom with a large bathtub. The master bedroom comprises approximately 40% of the structure.

The bedroom is at one end of the house, and the kitchen is at the other. In the middle is the living area.

There is a large deck just outside the home.

There are lots of big windows to take advantage of all the gorgeous views, including the mountain range.

There is a decent sized loft bedroom on the opposite end of the house to the master bedroom that is accessible by a ladder. The loft has two windows, one that is a sufficient size to take advantage of the view.

Loft BedroomThe house is completely off-grid which is understandable because of the location.

This place would make the perfect home for someone looking for seclusion, and a relaxing stress-free way of living.

I especially love the idea that they’ve taken a long neglected building and made it into something inviting and livable. Finding a structurally sound old building and transforming it into a home space is great for the environment and would provide the owner something to be proud of.

Magazine Christmas Special – One Day Left

Tiny House Magazine Christmas Special

It’s almost over. Today is the last day that you can get all the tiny house magazine issues at a huge discount.

The very special holiday sale for the pack of tiny house magazines is ending at the end of today (Friday, December 18, 2015).

Christmas Sale 2015

You can get all 36 issues of the magazine for the low-low price of $49.

The regular price for all the issues would be $167.

That’s approximately $1.36 per issue!

Once you’ve placed and paid for your order, you’ll get the issues within minutes to read in PDF format.

Here’s the link to the magazine Christmas sale.

Relax, browse through and enjoy all the information and pictures.

Tiny House Free Downloads

Tiny House Information – Free Downloads

Free Catalog

Would you like to see tiny house design plans from some of the most popular companies?

You may want this information for the purpose of gathering more data before you make a decision if this lifestyle or small houses is right for you.

Or maybe you’re ready to start building but haven’t decided on an exact design yet.

Either way, the catalog will help you to make a decision.

Tumbleweed is offering you their tiny house catalog for free.

What you’ll find inside the catalog is:

  • 23 tiny house floorplans.
  • Color photographs.
  • Details about each of the tiny houses.
  • Information that will help you find the tiny house that is perfect for you and your family.
Get your free catalog
of Tumbleweed Tiny House models
and all of the floor plans available.
Download your favorite or download them all!

Free Study Plans
These study plans are guides and are the perfect complement to the catalog. You’ll get a little more specific details on each of their house models.

The pictures that are included show you what the inside and the outside of a typical version of the model looks like.

When looking at the pictures, you may want to keep in mind that you can usually customize any of the plans to suit your wants and needs.

You can choose to download one or choose all to get an overview of the tiny house models:


Free Paper Model

Some people like the idea of building a model of a tiny house before making a decision or starting to build their real house.

These how-to instructions for the Cypress model can be downloaded for free. The instructions tell you how to build the model, what tools you’ll need, along with step-by-step photos of the process.

Free Vardo Plans

You can download a complete set of plans for the Vardo tiny house model. The Vardo is the model that fits on the back of a pickup truck.

When you download the plans, you’ll get all the information you’ll need to start building.

Tiny House Magazine Special

Magazine Christmas Special

Christmas Sale 2015

Tiny House magazine is having a Christmas sale!

All 36 issues are available for the low-low price of $49.

The regular price for all 36 issues would be $167.

That’s 70% off the regular price!

This is the first time they’ve offered magazine issues at such a low price. The deal is on sale for a limited time.

It’s on for five days only; from December 14th to December 18, 2015.

When the special is over, it is gone forever. No exceptions.

You can get all 36 issues for immediate download in PDF format. that means each issue can be read on all devices from your PC, your phone, and your tablet.

The sale starts today (December 14, 2015) and ends on December 18, 2015.

This would be great for yourself or the perfect give for someone you know that is a tiny house enthusiast.

Just click the sale special magazine link below to purchase all the issues at this great price.

Tiny House Magazine Special

Remember, the sale is on for five days only so you should hurry over and place your order today so you don’t miss out.

Magazine Issue #36

The Latest Magazine Issue For Tiny Houses

Issue36The latest Tiny House magazine issue has been published.

This is issue #36 and as always, it’s full of great articles, information, and pictures.

Each and every issue is perfect for a tiny house enthusiast.

The magazine is sent to you in PDF format so that you can read it on any of your devices: desktop computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. As long as you have a PDF reader, you’re good to go.

You can go-ahead and purchase the latest issue here for $4.99.

Rent A Tiny Rustic Cabin

A Tiny Rustic A-Frame Cabin For Rent

Outside ViewHere is a tiny house that you can rent for one night, one week, a month, or longer.

If you’ve thought about giving off-grid (roughing it) a try, this one will be of interest to you.

What you get is a unique vacation experience.

This A-frame location is in Gasquet, California. It is deep in the Northern California redwoods and is part of a remote, off-grid village. The nearest neighbor is a Buddhist Hermitage about a mile away.

Nearby sights to see include:

  • Jedediah Smith Park, home of Stout Grove and other beautiful redwood hikes. The entrance to the park is approximately a 34-minute drive.
  • Crescent City is approximately 50 minutes.

If you like nature and a quiet thoroughly relaxing time, you’ll love this place.

If you want to experience living rustic, you’ll love this place.

Within the ecovillage, you’ll find chickens, dogs, frogs, cats, permaculture gardens, and everything to do with sustainability.

Not only will you enjoy peace and quiet, but you’ll also experience living in a small space and sustainable living.

The inside:

  • There is one bathroom with a composting toilet.
  • The one bed is a futon.
  • There is no electricity, but there are a flashlight and lantern for your use.
  • There is no phone, GPS, or internet service.

The bathhouse has a toilet and a shower.

The outside:

  • There are the resident domestic animals that include three dogs, cats, goats, and chickens.
  • As the location is remote, you may see one or many of various forest animals such as chipmunks, foxes, black bears, birds, and more.
  • There is no kitchen in the cabin. However, there is a shared outdoor kitchen.
  • You’ll find numerous trails that run through the 160-acre property, and lots of forestry roads to explore.
  • You’ll also find a swimming hole nearby.

I would suggest reading through all the information that they offer. The house and location are very rustic.

If you aren’t into remote and rustic, this may not be the vacation for you.

If you are adventurous, love nature, and rustic (or want to give it a try), then this would be the ideal place for you to vacation.

Gasquet Tiny House Rental

Another Tiny House Holiday Sale

Big Savings On Tiny House Plans – Tiny House Holiday Sale

Here we go again. This is the sale you may have been waiting for.

Here is an opportunity for you to save big on tiny houses.

Holiday 2015 Tiny House Sale

Starting today (December 8, 2015), you can take advantage of BIG-savings when you buy a tiny house building plan from Tumbleweed.

Plus you’ll get free gifts with the purchase.

This is not your typical sale where you’ll save a small amount. Saving any amount is good but with this sale, you can save a lot.

The holiday bundle includes:

  • Building plans for $499 (the regular price is $759). You’ll save $340!
  • Construction DVD for FREE.
  • Tiny House Style book for FREE.
  • DIY stair plans for FREE.
  • Dormers included with the plans for FREE.

There are seven floor plans that you can choose from.

They are also giving you the opportunity to make the payment in three payments.

The big sale starts today and ends on Christmas day (December 25, 2015).

This one is their annual holiday sale. It is usually the best discount offer you’ll get from them all year.

They have sales at various times throughout the year but they are never as good as the holiday sale.

Click here for the Holiday Bundle Sale opportunity for you.

The Tiny House Workshop Sale Continues

Sale On Tiny House Workshops

Workshop SaleThe past few weeks have seen some great sales on tiny house workshops.

Although the Black Friday deals have ended, Tumbleweed builder has decided to extend their sale prices.

The Tiny House Workshop Sale Prices and Dates

The new sales prices have been applied to each of the dates for their workshops throughout the year.

Some of them are on sale for $50 off; other sales are for $100 off. You’ll need to scroll down to find the location of your choice to see what the discount is for your location.

We have no idea how long they’ll be offering the great prices. You may want to register for a workshop in your area right away, before the cost goes back to regular price.

Their tiny house workshops are offered throughout the country and into Canada. They are in a different location each weekend.

Each is a two-day workshop given by experienced instructors.

This is your opportunity to learn, ask questions, see a tiny house in-person, and network with other like-minded people.

It’s the perfect next-step on your tiny house journey.

Video Tour Of Tiny Houses

Videos Of Tiny Houses You Can Build

Tiny House VideosAre you a visual person? I know I am. I get a better idea of what a house would look like from seeing the house or seeing a video of a house better than I can from blueprints. Tumbleweed tiny homes understands that. They created a series of video tours of tiny houses.

Now you can take a look at houses that have been built. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

Wondering what type of Tumbleweed Tiny House will best fit your personality? Take a video tour of different house designs today!

The videos take you on a tour of some of their houses. The show you the inside and the outside which gives you a good idea of what is possible.

These are guided tours that explain a little about each place.

And each house plan they have can be customized to suit your home and your lifestyle. That means you aren’t limited to the exact design they offer.

The three homes they showcase are:

The Elm.
This design is based on the very first Tumbleweed house. It has a full porch and an arched window above the front door.

Cypress 24.
This one is full of amenities like a full size refrigerator, air conditioning, a washer/dryer combo, a downstairs bedroom, and a staircase.

Linden 20.
This one has the largest loft and a full size porch. You’ll notice it is quite unique with a clever and spacious design.

The fourth video explains about the customize options, the windows, insulation, and the finishing touches.

These videos are a great addition to help in your research and decision making. They help you understand what a tiny house looks like and how they work.

They show you what is possible and give you a good starting point for your ideas. Maybe you’ll decide that one of the designs is perfect exactly as it is.

These video tours of tiny houses are free to watch and the tour is only a few minutes each.