Living Small Means Living Debt Free

The Builder Bundle Blitz Ends Tomorrow

Workshop SaleThere is a special (meaning: huge savings) going on this weekend that is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in building a tiny house, or looking for more information about building tiny houses.

You’ll need to hurry and register before tomorrow night. Monday at midnight is when the huge savings end.

In addition to huge savings on a workshop, when you register for a workshop in your location, you’ll not only be guaranteed a spot but you’ll also get two free gifts.

The amount you’ll save is a more than $100 off the regular price ($120 to be exact). The sale price is $279; the regular price is $399.

The two free gifts include:

  • A FREE How-To DVD.
  • A FREE DIY Stair Plans.

This is the first time in years that I’ve seen this much in savings on any of these two-day weekend events.

Click here to see all the locations for the workshops that are being offered at this great price.

It’s not just one location. All of the scheduled workshops currently scheduled throughout USA and Canada for 2016 are on included in this sale. Almost every weekend for the entire year is booked at one location or another.

That means you can register for any of the two-day workshops in your area (or the area of your choice) during 2016.

Or maybe you are thinking of giving this as a gift? In the spirit of the holiday season, you can give a tiny house workshop and the additional free items as a gift to someone you know that is interested in building a tiny home.

Remember, the Big Sale ends tomorrow night (Monday, November 30, 2015) at midnight EST.

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