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18 Steps To Build A Tiny Home

18 Steps For Building A Tiny House

Information about how to build a tiny house can be extensive. There is quite a bit of information.

You will find tiny house workshops and tiny house blogs contain most of the information you may be looking for.

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For the purpose of this article and keeping it short, we’ll provide you with general guidelines.

1. The first thing you should do is decide on a design.

If you are new to construction or on a tight budget, you should keep it simple.

You’ll probably want to avoid dormer windows, complex roof lines, porches, and excessive ornamental features.

There are pre-designed plans to choose from or you may choose to design your own using a program like SketchUp.

Decide if you want to build your home on wheels or on a permanent foundation.

Once your design is set, you’ll need to figure out the materials and tools you’ll need.

2. Find the location where you and you’re home will reside.

If you want a house on wheels, you’ll need to get a trailer that is appropriate for a tiny house. These houses are heavier than a traditional recreational vehicle therefore they need a heavy-duty trailer.

The point of a building a house on a trailer is flexibility of location. There are many options available such as RV parks, the backyard of friends or family, or land that you own as long as your local codes allow it. And you’ll be able to move you and your house whenever and where ever you wish.

If your house will be on a foundation, you’ll need to find a property that permits tiny dwellings.

In some cases, the location you choose to live at may not be suitable for your home while you build it. If this is the case, you’ll need to find an alternate location for your house while you build it.

3. Floor.

The first thing you’ll work on is the floor on the trailer, or the foundation for a more permanent home.

4. Prepare for the utilities.

The drains and wiring that will run through the flooring should be installed at this point.

5. Framing the walls.

Put up the walls and sheath them.

6. Framing the roof.

Beginners should make sure they’ve chosen a simple roof. Roof framing can be a little tricky so you will want to keep it as simple and easy as possible.

After the roof has been framed and sheathed, you’ll put on roofing material to keep the rain out.

7. Wrap the house.

Wrap the house frame. Wrapping keeps the house dry and protected from the elements.

8. Install the windows and the doors.

9. Add the exterior cladding, trim, paint and caulk to keep water out of the walls.

10. Plumbing.

At this point, you are ready put in the drain and supply plumbing pipes.

Then the water heater can be installed.

The waste and potable water tanks can be installed.

11. Electricity.

Rough in electric by running wire through small holes that are drilled in the framed walls. Connect the wires inside junction, outlet, and switch boxes that are set in the walls.

If you aren’t absolutely sure what you are doing with the electrical installation, it may be best to have a professional do the installation. Improperly installed wiring could be a fire hazard.

12. Insulation.

There are various types of insulation that can be used. Do the research, talk to the experts to determine the best type of insulation for your climate and type of home.

13. Interior sheathing.

Once all the plumbing and electrical is done, you will add wood or drywall to the framed walls.

14. Trim and finishing touches.

Now it’s time for the finishing carpentry. That includes adding the cabinets, built-ins, and trim.

15. Paint.

Paint or stain the walls to match your décor.

16. Finish electric and plumbing.

Add the electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures.

Finish the plumbing by installing faucets, toilet, and other fixtures.

17. Finish the flooring.

18. Furniture, appliances and decorations.

The last thing before moving in is to bring in the furniture, appliances and home décor that you have chosen for your new home.

This is all just a rough guideline for how to build a tiny house. Each building experience will be similar. This guide will give you an idea of what to expect and at what point to expect to do it.

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