Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Tiny House Design Plans for Single Home Buyers

HouseIt can be difficult for a single person to buy a house. With the rising cost of housing, it has become increasingly difficult. Fewer and fewer single people have been able to make the leap from renting to owning. Until now!

If you are willing to compromise (in a good way) on the amount of living space, you can own your home.

Over a number of years, there has been a growing trend towards living tiny. There are numerous benefits to buying or building a little house that both single people, married people, and families have realized.

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The pros far outweigh the cons.


  • The living area is small; in some cases, much tinier than traditional homes.
  • * Some locations have restrictions on the size of houses allowed in certain areas. You’ll need to research the rules and regulations for your location of choice. There may be some restrictions when it comes to small houses.


  • The cost of living is less than what it costs in a large traditional home. When there is less space to maintain (heat in the winter, cooling in the summer), the utility costs are less.
  • The cost of buying or building a very small home is less than what it costs to buy or construct a large home. You would be able to completely own your home (no mortgage) much faster.
  • You have more choices for location of your house. *
  • You have the option to build on a foundation or on-wheels so that you can move anytime you want, anywhere you want. You could even take your house with you on a vacation.
  • As the cost of living is considerably less than what you accustomed to, you will have more money to enjoy life. You’ll be able to afford more and nicer vacations. You’ll have more money to save for education, retirement, or the things you love to do on a regular basis.
  • Small houses take very little time to tidy and clean. That means you’ll have more time to enjoy life instead of spending hours cleaning your house.
  • A small house doesn’t require a large lot unless that is what you would like. As with inside the house, when there is less area to maintain, it takes less time for upkeep leaving you more time for what matters.

All this means that the option of tiny houses is the best decision for any single person, married person, couples or small families. There is much more to life than the cost of expensive home ownership.

These days there are many more tiny house design plans and tiny home builders than there were a few years ago. You can find designs that are very simple to luxurious and elaborate designs that rival the luxury found in larger homes.

Before buying or building, you’ll need to decide on what you need and what you want in your home. Many of the storage and living options are built into these types of homes. The reason for that is the need to make the most efficient use of the living area.

Think about the square footage that you will need to live comfortably and happily. When we say tiny, that usually means a place that is 500 square feet or smaller.

When discussing modest housing options, it could include a very small condo or apartment that is a viable option, but you would not have the outdoor space that you would with a tiny stand-alone home that you own.

The point of owning and living in a tiny house is perfect for investment purposes, saving money, saving time, and enjoying life.

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