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Tiny House TV Shows

TV Shows Featuring Tiny Houses

House of Bamboo This season there are TV shows that feature tiny houses. In my area, these shows are airing on Sunday evenings. They’ve quickly become shows that I look forward to watching.

There are two that are regulars.

Tiny House Hunters

This show is about people that have made the decision to either downsize or they are first-time home buyers. The reason for the decision varies from person to person.

The show follows them through looking at three tiny pre-built houses that are for sale and ready to move into.

We learn about the people, their likes and dislikes, and about various housing styles.

The size usually ranges from less than 100 square feet to 500 square feet.

The goal of the half-hour show is for the buyer to choose one of the three houses shown to them by their real estate agent.

The show end with a quick view of the house after they have moved in and settled.

I love seeing the different types of tiny houses, the designs, the layout, and the decor. There are some unique storage solutions.

At first I thought that the real estate agents did not understand what they buyers want but then I realized that for the sake of entertainment, they are showing us a variety of styles and designs.

Some of the buyers have the intention of moving their house as needed; others intend to keep their house in one location.

Tiny House Big Living

This show features couples that want to downsize to tiny living. The couples meet with a builder, make a decision on the home they want, the design, the layout, and the features.

We follow along while the builder builds the house – from start to finish.

We learn a little about the couple. Why they are choosing this change in lifestyle, and what they want and what they need.

When the house is built and delivered, we get to see the location they’ve chosen to locate their new house.

Most times we’ll get a view of what they’ve done with the house a few weeks or months after they’ve moved in.

It’s interesting to hear why these couples have made this decision, what they prefer, and where they choose to live. The most common theme seems to be affordability, improving their finances, and to have the ability to spend more time with family.

Tiny House Builders

I haven’t seen any of these episodes yet, but I am looking forward to seeing them when they air in my area.

From the HGTV website: This show is about builder Derek Diedricksen. He creates tiny masterpiece houses using salvaged materials.

His designs are located in beautiful (and sometimes treacherous) locations.

The intent is to build the structures while making the most of the surroundings.

Unique versus traditional is always interesting.

The shows are interesting because we learn about the people they feature, many different styles of houses, and the various reasons people are choosing to downsize or make their first house tiny. They pack a lot of information in these half-hour shows.

It is wonderful to see this movement gaining recognition. I have always thought that this is an excellent solution for anyone that wants a better life and lifestyle, less stress, better finances, and help to ease the drain on our environment.

They are doing an incredible job on these shows. We get to see many variations of very small houses. We get many new ideas for our homes.
And best of all, they are spreading the word about a great lifestyle.

  • Have you seen any of the shows yet?
  • What do you think about them?

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