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Yurt In WA For Rent

Have you ever had the opportunity to stay in a yurt?

YurtI’ve seen them in some campsites we’ve visited. I’ve taken a peek inside. They look comfy and cozy and are quite popular during the warmer months of the year.

They are perfect for someone (or a family) that is in between tent camping and staying in a trailer. They usually have a bed, a kitchenette, and a living area. Some of them have electricity.

The following is a yurt for rent in White Salmon, WA.

The beauty of it is that it is nestled among pine and oak woods.

It’s also close to the small town for your dining and shopping enjoyment.

Previous guests have given it a 5-star rating that is always a good thing to note when looking for a vacation rental.

KitchenInside the yurt.

A yurt is usually one big room that has all the necessities you’ll need for your stay.

There is a bed. It doesn’t say whether it is a double, queen, or king size.

There is a kitchenette with a counter, a small fridge, sink, hot plate, and microwave.

That means there is electricity too so you’ll have lights when needed.

The dining area has a table and chairs.

The common area has a wood stove for chilly days and nights, a lounge chair and a futon that can accommodate two people for sleeping.

BathroomIn the barn:

There is a barn close to the yurt. The barn is where you will find a few more amenities that aren’t available in the yurt.

There is a bathroom, but it doesn’t say whether there is a shower or if there is a tub.

Wireless internet is only available in the barn.

Two extra bedrooms, one big enough to have a comfortable seating area.

Outside the yurt:

There is a deck that overlooks gorgeous views of the woods.

And a washer and dryer available to guests. They are located in the main house.

It has everything needed for a vacation. It may not be all in one building, but nothing is far away.

Yurts have been around for a very long time and only recently becoming a popular vacation option.

Yurt for rent in WA.

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