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Tiny Houses On TV

Tiny House TV Show

Last Sunday I watched the first episode of the new TV show Tiny House Big Living. I was really looking forward to the show and I wasn’t disappointed.

It was the episode that featured Jenna and Guillaume from Tiny House Journey. I’ve been following them from the start of their build and through their travels that they began many months ago. It was really nice to see them on the show.

It goes to show how popular downsizing and living a simpler life is returning. People are realizing how much better simplifying their life is for the family.

It’s wonderful to see that it’s become so popular that they are making television shows about the life now.

Tonight is episode two. Once again I’m finding myself looking forward to the show.

That is saying a lot. I don’t watch that much TV. There are very few shows that hold any interest for me.

I enjoy home renovation shows, cooking shows, and the odd series. This year one of the shows I’m enjoying is called Zoo.

With Tiny House Big Living, I am enjoying the life stories, the choices that they made, the building process…their journey.

I know where I’ll be tonight (it may be on another night in your location). I’ll be glued to my TV again for the next story.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the show as much as I am so it will continue.

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