Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Big House, Small House

Are You A Big Or Small House Person?

Tiny Small HouseIt’s not always easy. Sometimes (very occasionally), I long for a larger home.

The reason is usually because of some small or short term difficulty such as when I need a little quiet time to concentrate on a task that needs to be done. My husband also works from home; that means that in our small place, we work in close proximity. He is on the phone for work a few times each day. If I have a video to make, I have to wait until he is done his calls.

When I get in that mood, I remind myself of all the work that size of house involves, how expensive it is to live in, and how it ruled my life.

For example, when we lived in a big house, I spent most of my spare time keeping it clean and tidy.

Upkeep took up quite a bit of any spare cash we managed after expenses were paid. We had very little cash left over for anything that we really wanted to do. If we wanted to take a vacation, it took forever to save up for it. In most cases, we didn’t take a vacation. Sometimes we went years without actually going anywhere special; just quick short trips near home.

We spent tons of money keeping up with the necessary renovations and upkeep over the years.

The yard work was always a chore.

Thinking about all those negatives is always enough to get me out of that mood.

Thinking about all the positives that come with living in a small place brings me back to “why” we chose this lifestyle, and how much better things are now than they were before.

It’s funny how our minds try to trick us. Wanting a little more space may be a common theme, but I would say that it comes from people who have not experienced the freedom that a small place gives them.

We’ve had both. We know and have experienced the negatives and the positives that come with both options.

We know that living in a bigger place does not mean you have more freedom. In reality, unless you have lots of money (not money that you work hard to make each and every month), you are a slave to your cost of living.

We have learned through trial and error, that it is much more pleasant to live without the worry of all the expense (time and money) that comes with a big house and a big yard.

Life is much more enjoyable when we don’t have to spend all our time and money maintaining our house.

These days we have the option of going where we want, when we want, without having to worry if we have the time and money to spare because the time and the money ARE there.

I may have the occasional longing for a bigger space, but it doesn’t last for long. All I have to do is think back to the way it was before and that kills the thought. I’ll never go back to living in a big house.

What about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can’t comment on the website, but comments are welcome on the Affordable Housing Facebook page.

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