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Tiny Log Home

Log Home On Wheels – For Sale

Tiny Log HomeA real tiny log home for sale in New York. It’s on wheels so can be moved to any location of your choosing.

This one is a little different as it a home made from logs – a log sided home on a trailer. The outside is very unique when compared with most houses of this type. If you like the look of log homes, this may be worth considering.

They are asking $27500.00 for the home.

It’s currently located in Plattsburgh, NY.

The size has been calculated at 128 square feet plus a 64 loft square foot loft.

It’s was built five years ago, and was used as a part-time residence.

Log Home KitchenA little about the little house:

It’s being sold fully furnished. There is a queen size mattress in the sleeping loft, a sofa bed.

The kitchen appliances include a two burner built in propane cook top, a microwave, a 4 cubic foot refrigerator or a 3 cubic foot ice box.

There is an alcohol fuel fireplace.

The bathroom has a regular fiberglass shower that works on either water pressure from a hook up, or a Zodi Pump shower. A porta-potty and a five gallon composting toiled are included.

It has been set up so it can be used on or off grid.

Some of the finishing touches are foam insulation in the walls from floor to ceiling, low E vinyl windows and three octagon windows.

This looks like it may be really nice. A great place to start creating your own place.

A Tiny Log Home For Sale

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