Living Small Means Living Debt Free

A Few More New Things

More Better Living Ideas

Lake and VineyardsFollowing up on the post that was published last week, we’ve added more information and ideas to our website.

The purpose of these additions is to give you more options on how your life and lifestyle can be improved.

This additional information and suggestions will appeal to some of you, and not so much to others.

Our goal remains that of spreading the word about tiny and small houses, but there are other valid options that deserve some consideration.

All of these options will save you money in one form or another. You’ll understand when you read more about each.

Rather than having you find the new pages and information, I’ll publish the links and locations below.

Two links to small house plans have been added:

House Plan Gallery
Lot Plans

You can find those links Here.

We’ve added a new page for Alternative housing and living ideas. This is a work in progress, beginning with House Sitting opportunities. As of today, there are three websites where you will find some of these opportunities. You can read more about Housesitting here.

In addition, the links for Trailers and Videos has moved to the Plans and Designs page (right side menu) due to space in the Menu. You can now find them at:


I’m excited about showing you both – about the small house plans and especially house sitting.

There are so many house plans for small houses; it’s fun to browse through them and get great ideas.

With the house sit information, it is a wonderful and less expensive way for you to travel without all the expense of hotels and meals.

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