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Tiny Log Home

Log Home On Wheels – For Sale

Tiny Log HomeA real tiny log home for sale in New York. It’s on wheels so can be moved to any location of your choosing.

This one is a little different as it a home made from logs – a log sided home on a trailer. The outside is very unique when compared with most houses of this type. If you like the look of log homes, this may be worth considering.

They are asking $27500.00 for the home.

It’s currently located in Plattsburgh, NY.

The size has been calculated at 128 square feet plus a 64 loft square foot loft.

It’s was built five years ago, and was used as a part-time residence.

Log Home KitchenA little about the little house:

It’s being sold fully furnished. There is a queen size mattress in the sleeping loft, a sofa bed.

The kitchen appliances include a two burner built in propane cook top, a microwave, a 4 cubic foot refrigerator or a 3 cubic foot ice box.

There is an alcohol fuel fireplace.

The bathroom has a regular fiberglass shower that works on either water pressure from a hook up, or a Zodi Pump shower. A porta-potty and a five gallon composting toiled are included.

It has been set up so it can be used on or off grid.

Some of the finishing touches are foam insulation in the walls from floor to ceiling, low E vinyl windows and three octagon windows.

This looks like it may be really nice. A great place to start creating your own place.

A Tiny Log Home For Sale

House Design Plans Sale – Two Days Left

Tiny House Design Plans Sale Ends Saturday

House DesignsI’ve just received a reminder notification that the new tiny house plans from Tiny House Designs are on sale until this Saturday (June 20, 2015). Their big sale will end at 12 Noon (PST).

In two days, the prices will increase and the deal will be gone.

For the next few days, you can get 12 tiny house plans for $79.

Earlier this month, they published 12 new plans and designs that they had been working on for awhile. For this new release, they are offering a big discount on the prices. For $79 you will get 12 design plans to choose from. That works out to approximately $6.59 for each.

You can use them to build as is, get ideas for customizing your own plan, or maybe even build a few…

As an example of what you’ll get, one of the new designs is a house that is 28 foot long with two rooms separated by the bathroom and kitchen. Above the kitchen, there is a sleeping loft. The back door is a single french door.

Each house plan is downloaded when you buy the package. You’ll get a printable PDF format, the original SketchUp file which you can modify if you wish, and a worksheet with the materials and lumber you’ll need.

I know this is short notice, but you’ll want to act fast as the sale ends this Saturday (June 20th, 2015) at 12 noon (PST). These plans will never be offered at this low price again.

Issue 30 – Magazine

Magazine Issue #30

Issue30The magazine that is all about tiny houses has been in production for a little over two years now. In those two years, it has grown along with the architectural movement.

You won’t find any of these issues in stores; they are sold online through one venue only. This is the only way they have been able to keep the cost down. At $4.99 per issue, it’s a bargain.

Buy One Issue. Buy Numerous Issues.

In the various issues, you’ll find lots of great information for building plans, legal information, about celebrities that are part of the movement, and info about the most recent televisions shows and movies created to showcase this type of living. Combine all this info with the fabulous images, pictures, diagrams, and artistic talents and you’ve got a winner.

To tiny house living is becoming popular with people is an understatement. The word is spreading in leaps and bounds these days.

Spread The Word.

With all the work that goes into each issue, the publishers have hinted that sales of the magazine must grow for them to continue. Each issue gets better and better. That means that they are putting in the time and money to make the magazine the best it can be. We need to support their efforts.

PDF, Kindle, Android formatYou can get the magazine online in PDF format, for your Kindle, for your iPad or Android.

At $4.99 per issue, it costs less than what you would pay for a magazine in any store. It highlights the topics that you are most interested in.

Try one, get a bunch…you won’t be disappointed.

Buy Tiny House Magazine Here.

China Prefab

A Prefab Shipping Container House

WF House ExterirorOver the past few years, I have seen some incredibly ingenious shipping container house designs. Building a house using a container is one way that you can build yourself a house at a reduced cost.

If you have a design that is fairly simple, you could probably build it for very little – in comparison to the cost of building a traditional house.

If you want something a little more customized and elaborate, you should expect to pay more.

Either way, buying a used container is a great place to start. Apparently, if you look in the right place, you can get your house shell for a few thousand dollars.

WFH KitchenThere’s no need to stick with the rectangular shape. You can use your imagination and have that as your starting point.

If you want really small, you can make a nice place from one. If you want something a little larger, use more than one and create a nice, unique home.

People have been building complete houses by combining numerous modules together.

WFH BedroomThe example used here is a good example of great customization. This house was built in China (which shows you how popular these have become all over the world). The design is clean, simple, yet beautifully done. This open layout has become one of my favorites, partially because I have always liked this type of open concept.


Cute Small House For Sale

600 Square Foot Red House For Sale

Red House In WA For SaleIf you are in the market for a small house that is ready to move into, you may be interested in this one. It is a cute 600 square foot home located in Chewelah, WA.

It’s fairly small and simple – meaning not much cost to live in and maintain.

Here are a few of the specifics as detailed on the sale listing:

It has one bedroom with room for a small sitting area.
There is one bathroom.
The kitchen has a small nook that is suitable for use as an office area. There is room for a desk and chair.
There is a small sitting porch for enjoying the outdoors.

It is an older home that has been updated to be more energy efficient: new windows, new doors, new flooring, updated wiring, updated heating, and some of the plumbing has been updated.

It appears there is a garage.

The yard looks to be a fair size and well kept.

Take a look at all the information here.

A Tiny House Rental In Maui

Vacation In Hawaii In A Tiny House

Tiny Cottage for Rent in MauiHave you ever dreamed of taking a vacation in Hawaii? How about combining a dream vacation with trying out a tiny house? Or maybe you love vacationing in little houses and enjoying the sights rather than worrying about the expense.

We all know how much some vacations can cost. When you add up all the expenses upon your return, it’s not always a pretty picture.

Here’s your chance to take that Hawaiian vacation and not have to pay for it for the rest of the year.

Hawaiian SceneryThe Hale Moana cottage (as it’s named) is located on Maui, HI. More specifically, on the north shore of Maui. About five minutes from Hookipa Beach Park and close to Haiku, Paia.

From the pictures (you can see all the pictures by clicking the link below), it appears to be a cute, very small place. I love the tranquil green color; matches the green surroundings.

It has one bedroom, one bathroom, a small kitchenette, and a covered deck for your outdoor enjoyment. There is a private outdoor enclosed shower – I’m not sure if it is the only shower or a second one.

Some of the amenities mentioned include internet, TV, and a washer/dryer.

You can see the ocean if you peak between the fruit trees.

Dogs are allowed but if I remember correctly, if you are coming from off the island you won’t be bringing your dog with you because it would have to be quarantined for quite awhile before being allowed entry to the island.

The tiny cottage is located on two acres of family property. The owners made sure to let potential renters know that they have two, very friendly pitt bulls that have the run of the property. If you have a fear of dogs (or pitt bulls in general) this may not be the right place for you to rent.

Find out more about this tiny cottage for rent.

A Few More New Things

More Better Living Ideas

Lake and VineyardsFollowing up on the post that was published last week, we’ve added more information and ideas to our website.

The purpose of these additions is to give you more options on how your life and lifestyle can be improved.

This additional information and suggestions will appeal to some of you, and not so much to others.

Our goal remains that of spreading the word about tiny and small houses, but there are other valid options that deserve some consideration.

All of these options will save you money in one form or another. You’ll understand when you read more about each.

Rather than having you find the new pages and information, I’ll publish the links and locations below.

Two links to small house plans have been added:

House Plan Gallery
Lot Plans

You can find those links Here.

We’ve added a new page for Alternative housing and living ideas. This is a work in progress, beginning with House Sitting opportunities. As of today, there are three websites where you will find some of these opportunities. You can read more about Housesitting here.

In addition, the links for Trailers and Videos has moved to the Plans and Designs page (right side menu) due to space in the Menu. You can now find them at:


I’m excited about showing you both – about the small house plans and especially house sitting.

There are so many house plans for small houses; it’s fun to browse through them and get great ideas.

With the house sit information, it is a wonderful and less expensive way for you to travel without all the expense of hotels and meals.