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Cottage Village

Vacation In A Tiny House Village

North Carolina Tiny Vacation HouseWe are finding villages built with tiny houses. Some of them are permanent housing for people that want to live in a community of like-minded people. Others are built for low-income people and families.

There are also a growing number of communities that have been built for the purpose of enjoying a vacation without the huge costs.

You can find tiny vacation homes with only the basic amenities and others with many of the luxuries – all fit into a little house.

Village of Wildflowers Vacation Community is one such community. I can’t tell how many houses there are for rent on the property. The houses look like they are well taken care of, and might be a nice place to vacation.

There are two lakes and walking trails for your enjoyment.

Tiny Vacation House InteriorOnce again, the owners (unfortunately) didn’t take the time to give a better description of the property, surrounding areas, and houses. The reason I’ve added it to the rentals list is that the two images that they have provided look like they are very nice, and fairly new.

I would consider staying in one.

If you would like more information that what they’ve provided, you could write to them asking for more.

Some of the specifics:

  • The cost is $119 per night.
  • There is one bedroom and one bathroom.
  • The house is 400 square feet.
  • It’s located in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

The amenities that are listed include air conditioning, heating, TV, and wireless internet.
Pets are allowed.

You can rent a little house for your vacation and enjoy various locations throughout the year, or you can find your ideal property and build your own cottage.

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