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A Tiny House For Rent In Georgia

Georgia Tiny House RentalWith summer coming upon on very soon, many people are trying to decide what they will do for their vacation.

Renting a tiny house is a good option. It gives you a roof over your head for the small amount of time that you would spend indoors. If you are like most people, you enjoy being outdoors for most of the day during the warmer temperatures.

Here is a place you can rent that won’t cost you a fortune.

It is approximately 256 square feet.

It has everything that you would need for your vacation: air conditioning (a must with Georgia’s climate), cable TV, wireless internet, a kitchen, bathroom with shower, and a fireplace for possible chilly nights.

If you have pets, you’re in luck as pets are allowed.

Something to note: smoking is allowed in this one.

It’s a log cabin that is situated in the Georgia mountains. It overlooks a creek. Unfortunately, there aren’t many pictures to really see what the cabin is like inside but if you want to see more before making a decision, you could write to the owners and ask for more pictures.

They say there are lots of hiking opportunities in the area, and lots of quaint shops to explore. And of course, lots of nature…

Sounds like it would be a very relaxing vacation. You get the best of both worlds – activities, shopping and a view. I find being surrounded by nature and small town shops something that I love for my vacation. That’s the whole point of a vacation – to relax and de-stress.

Want a little more information? Check out the listing and book it here.

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