Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Finding A Small House

We need to make a decision. We have one more month in the small condo we rent for the winter. On May 1st we move back onto our RV (ie: tiny home).

The problem this year is that we can’t make up our minds if we want to find a very small house to rent here or travel around our second favorite location.

We are ready to settle in one location for a year or so. Something a little more permanent than our RV and an RV park. We love traveling and love being able to pick up and go anytime we want. The downfall is that we are both still working (from our home, wherever that happens to be); with that comes some unique challenges at some locations. We need a break from the “unknowns” for a bit…

Option One

We really like it in the small town where we spend the winter months. We’ve made some friends here, it is beautiful but also a very popular location for summer vacationers – meaning it gets Very Busy during June, July and August. We know we can handle that for a few months. The problem is that it is difficult to find rental property and we have the added problem of having three dogs in our family.

We have considered buying a house but there are some concerns: housing is expensive around here, and we aren’t sure that we want to spend countless years here.

The last house we bought ended up being a disaster – money pit. We had a very difficult time selling it and lost a ton of money on it.

Let’s say we are very wary about buying a house right now.

Option two

We are thinking it might be a good idea to travel around the area that is our second choice. Spend the summer checking out the towns and surrounding areas to see if it would be a good fit for us. The intent would be to find a place that we like and a place to rent for a few years.

We’ve been to parts of the area before and really like it.

Housing costs are slightly better than option one, and there is more opportunity to rent.

The slight drawback is that it is on an island (although the island is very large, has a city at one end and quite a number of towns throughout) but is is accessible only by a two plus hour ferry ride.

In the end, the decision may be made for us within the next month or so if we are unable to find a suitable house.

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