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Tiny Houses On TV

Tiny House TV ShowIt can be said that the tiny house movement has gone mainstream – it has hit the TV screens.

What started quietly, without much fanfare, has now grown and interest is spreading. Today you can find three programs relating to tiny living spaces on HGTV and FYI. And there are more that are planned.

Tiny House Nation

John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin are the hosts of Tiny House Nation on FYI. They travel the country looking for unique and interesting tiny houses to showcase.

These renovation specialists not only show off the homes they discover, they also help people with the design and construction of their very small places.

Although the true definition of size of a tiny house varies from place to place, this program considers a place tiny as long as it is no more than 500 square feet.

There may be a size restriction to be showcased on their show, but there is no dollar amount limitation. The program has shown homes from budgetary to pricey. The show’s hosts are looking for creativity.

For example, some episodes have introduced a micro apartment in New York City, a tiny home caboose in Montana, and a tiny mobile home for RVing.

HGTV has the latest two programs. One features people looking to purchase a tiny home; the other is related to building tiny houses.

Tiny House Hunters

Each episode of Tiny House Hunters follows buyers who are looking to downsize to a place that is no more than 600 square feet. Realtors show each buyer three different tiny structures. The buyer must decide which one will be purchased.

Tiny House Builders

The other new program is Tiny House Builders hosted by Derek Diedricksen.

He uses salvaged materials to make tiny masterpiece houses. He chooses locations that are not only stunning, but can also be treacherous.

Diedricksen surveys the area and crafts the structure to be a good fit for the people that will live in it as well as the location.

Tiny houses were on the radar and people were showing an interest in the movement long before these shows appeared although they were more of documentaries than actual TV shows. Now that they are becoming accepted as a better way of living, we are starting to see more about them.

The movement actually started gaining momentum shortly after Jay Shafer built his first tiny house on wheels under the Tumbleweed company name somewhere around 1999. It has since evolved to tiny houses on permanent foundations, treehouses, floating homes, RVs, and any other small house imaginable.

If you are intrigued by the tiny house movement, you should check out the television programs. They’ll give you a visual idea of what others are doing and what can be done with tiny structures.

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