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Build Your Own Tiny Home

Tiny House Furniture Has Multiple Uses

Tiny Home BuildingsYou have waited a long time for this moment. You’re building your own tiny home. Now is the time to buy the furniture and appliances. Off you go shopping!

There are so many designs, styles, and colors to choose from, it is hard to decide. Then the appliances stainless or color, more decisions. Yet, you have one more major consideration before you purchase anything – you are selecting for a tiny home.

Tiny houses present unique needs compared to traditionally sized houses. As with most things in life there are trade-offs, and in a smaller residence this is obviously true. Along with freedom of downsizing and the much reduced financial responsibility, the reduced size presents many challenges for storage and specialized function. For example, you could have a dedicated “office” or desk area but you may have to forgo a dining table.

Or, you could creatively combine the two into one unit to serve both purposes on a part time basis.

So, what are other combinations to consider during the design phase?

This should come near the beginning of the design/planning phase as some of the dual purpose ideas need to be built into the tiny house. Storage in a tiny home is always important and anywhere some type of storage can be squeezed in, it’s good thing.

It is not only available storage but also multiple uses of the same piece of furniture that is important.

Bed/Storage – This idea is used in the RV industry. If you will have a dedicated area for a bed, such as in a loft, simply build a box frame with a pneumatic lift – similar to the ones used on auto lift gates. This allows storage for items you occasionally access.

Stool/Side Table/Magazine Rack – This is a unique idea in a piece of furniture, a free-standing side table sturdy enough to second as a seat with a magazine rack built into the center.

Coffee Table/Desk/Table – This is also an RV idea. You can find these on the market where the standard height is that of a coffee table. The top is on a spring loaded device which allows for the surface to be lifted up and to one side to pull over your lap as a desk or even use as a dining table.

Day Bed/Table/Desk – This idea would serve multiple functions. The bed would fold up into a box frame on the wall during the day. When the bed is closed, there is a desktop hinged to the underside of the bed which would unfold to make a table/desk. It has a single leg to help with support.

Kitchen sink/cutting board – Counter space is at a premium in small kitchens. Have a cutting board cut to fit the sink opening and you gain more chopping space. Many other combinations are available as well, such as a sofa with a bookcase all around the underside, a table with a wine rack inside the center of the glass top, dining room chairs with storage under the seats and a library chair that converts to a step stool in the kitchen.

Innovation and creativity is the key to extra storage in a small house.

It is important to plan ahead for those items which are important to you when you build your own home. Your tiny house will be much more livable and comfortable. Get those creative juices going and you may design more space saving/multiple use items.

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