Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Building Your House

House On WheelsBuilding any type of home can be stressful as well as exciting.

Building a small place is much less so. There is less work, it takes less time, and most importantly, it doesn’t cost as much.

Cost is always an issue no matter the size of the structure. There are land cost, building cost, interior cost, cost of any new furnishings, and so on to consider. There are always costs, and unfortunately usually some unexpected expenses too.

The cost to build may be one reason you have decided to simplify your life by building and moving into a very small house. Cost of living is usually another big reason.

A home you build yourself can easily be a custom made just for you and your lifestyle.

You’ll find some things are a little more than expected; such as the price of a few things that will need to be customized for size. Overall, when you total everything up, you will see that is is considerably lower than you would pay for a larger home.

There are ways to keep the costs low. Here are some suggestions:

If you are building a place on wheels, the trailer is very important. It doesn’t have to be new but it does need to be one that is specifically made for this type of house. A regular utility trailer is not suitable this type of building.

Labor cost can be one of the major expenses with any building. Your best option is to plan on doing as much of the work yourself as possible. Ask family and friends to help, especially anyone you know that has a specialty in a specific field – like an electrician or a plumber.

Using salvaged items will not only keep costs down; it will add uniqueness to your place and will be helping the environment. Websites like Craigslist are a great source for recycled things. Recycle stores are another great source, and if you don’t object to foraging at your local dump, you may find some treasures there too.

You could talk with building contractors in your area to see if they will allow you to use some of their discards. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time and score appliances and fixtures.

Think about your appliances and which ones you could buy new and which ones could be used.

When building your tiny home, the decisions are your. It is you that needs to be comfortable with whatever you decide on.

The main point is to research, talk with experts and people that are living in one, and visit tiny structures if you have the opportunity. Get as much insight as possible so that you avoid mistakes that others have made.

Once you’ve thoroughly thought through it all you can begin to seriously plan, design, and build a very small home that is best suited to your lifestyle.

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