Living Small Means Living Debt Free

House Design and Size is Relative

Nova Scotia HomeSay tiny house and those two words create different images to different people. Some think under 100 sq. ft. is tiny, others think of a house on wheels, others think of a small house with a loft, and for a number of others something around 500 sq. ft is tiny. There really is no one definition that fits. Each person has their own idea, their own thoughts, and their own description of how small is tiny.

With that in mind, it is not surprising that a 870 sq. ft., 2 ½ story house, built on the side of an embankment in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada is considered small by the people that built it.

I consider 870 sq. ft. to be small, not tiny.

There are many unique features to this home. The first is that it is not only a home but also an office. The owner operates a reading clinic on the first floor.

The second level of the house is the main living area with a kitchen and bathroom with a shower. The open concept living room has a high ceiling with two levels of windows. It gives the feel of floor to ceiling windows with an enormous amount of light flowing in.

The third level features the bedroom and another bathroom with a modern, roll top tub. The owner also included a large closet area opposite the bathroom. This is not something you would normally find in a small house.

There are two entrances to the home. The entrance at the front is for the office. When looking from the driveway, you would see a rock wall leading to the front door.

The residential entrance is at the back and enters into small mud room off the kitchen.

870 sq. ft. may not be considered small to some tiny house dwellers, but when you consider the square footage contains a home and an office/reading clinic, then the living space can be considered to be small.

Our situation is similar. Both of us work from home. Between the two of us, we have four computers – two desktops and two laptops. These are necessities to us; the computers are our livelihood. Our living quarters are very small. It’s all a matter of planning to make it work.
Living and working in the same tiny structure could be almost anyone’s dream. Angie Campbell is living that dream in a large way in a tiny structure.

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