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Small House Variations

Creative Small Home Ideas

What is a tiny house by definition? In the strictest sense tiny means diminutive or very small, and house is a dwelling place for human beings.
That means a tiny house is any small dwelling, whether it is on a permanent foundation, built on wheels, hanging from a tree, a tree house, on water….you get the idea.

This opens the door for house designs we may not even imagine.

Today, we’ll concentrate of some small houses built on water – houseboats.

Two-Story Houseboat

Two Story HouseboatIn 2012 Mike Auderer moved from a four story Victorian home to a 550 sq. ft. two story houseboat. He designed and built the boat and dubbed her “Sweet Pea”.

The main floor consists of a bathroom, a large closet, a kitchen, and a living room. This floor makes up 350 sq. ft. and has a ceiling height of 7’8”. Tall enough so that you will never get claustrophobic.

The second floor consist of a 200 sq. ft. bedroom. The ceiling is sloped ranging from 7’ to 6’.

He incorporated some modern conveniences, including dishwasher, washer/dryer, Wi-Fi, and flat screen TV.

One of the most alluring aspects of this tiny house is the views. The living room and bedroom both have doors that open onto decks with views of both water and mountain. In my opinion, a view like that is the best of both worlds.

Floating House

Tiny HouseboatAnother floating tiny house was designed and built by Roy Schreyer. Dianne’s Rose is 17’ long x 8’ wide with an interior height of 6’8.5”.

Because of its size, it can be pulled by a trailer allowing him to take it almost anywhere. And because of its draft, it can be anchored in almost any spot.

It is built in the fashion of a one room cabin. There is a galley kitchen on one side and a commode on the other.

The bench seating makes into a bed.

A portable table is used for the eating surface.

The windows that surround the entire cabin gives a roomy feeling and great views day and night.

On the bow there is a small space where he really enjoys the outdoors.

In total, it’s 136 sq. ft. on the water that gives him the option to move whenever and wherever he wants. It’s all for the purpose of enjoying life to the fullest.

This one is very simple and not really to my liking but it would be perfect for someone looking for simplicity – the very basics. For me it might be okay for a few days but not for living in full-time.

Small homes come in different ideas and mean different things to people. As you think about what a house means to you, you should be as creative as you like. Think about all the possibilities for living.

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