Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Houses That Are Tiny Means Having More With Less

House On WheelsLiving in a tiny house is about giving things up – in a good way. What I mean by that is you will give away, sell, throw out some things so that you can live a better and healthier life.

In other words, you will be de-cluttering.

It was that way for Candice Ding but she looked at it from another angle.

She made a list of what was important to her and designed her house around many of the things that make her happy.

One important aspect was room for her mother, Baoying, within her home.

Candice’s Story

Livingroom AreaIt all began in China over fourteen years ago when Candice and her Mom immigrated to the United States.

Most of the time was spent renting rooms in other people’s homes. Baoying had applied for an apartment in a senior housing development but couldn’t get in.

In order to have their own space and keep the things that were really important to them, the two decided to build a tiny house on wheels.

Candice made a list of the things that made her happy and was able to work most of her list into their new home. There were only a couple of items she had to let go of.

Because they had been renting spaces, they already had to give up some of the things they enjoyed. Building a tiny house meant they could have the things that made them happy and whole.

Some of their must haves are:

  • A place to knit
  • Space for their cat
  • A movie screen
  • And a stove.

They built their home two sleeping areas. Baoying’s loft has a large skylight which opens. Candice has a smaller area located behind the kitchen. Even the cat has his own space – a cat door near the ceiling accessible by high shelving. The cat room is a screened in area above the porch roof.

Candice says their tiny home is very comfortable, gives them more freedom and as with all tiny homes – it is inexpensive to upkeep.
She says size doesn’t matter because they are together with a place that is their own.

And because it is on wheels, they can move if they need to or if the want a change of scenery.

Making the choice to built their own tiny house, they now have a place of their own, they have the things that bring joy to their lives, and they have each other. For now that is all that matters.


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