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A Dome Home Design

A Round Tiny Home Design

Step Into My Dome

Your home is a living, breathing space where you feel comfortable. No home is exactly like another even if it has the same floor plan.

It’s no different with tiny houses. Typically, a tiny house on wheels will have the same design plan of approximately eight feet wide, twenty or so feet long and on wheels.

If you have the option to build a tiny home on a permanent foundation you could think outside the box – round. A dome home.
The first dome home was built by Buckminster Fuller in 1960. He and his wife Anne lived in their home until 1971. Just like many of us have discovered, Fuller saw this type of housing as an answer to “safe, affordable and accessible housing”.

Today, there are a few companies that are carrying on Fuller’s legacy by offering a dome kit for sale. The interior of a dome home is completely open with a center height that is generally ten feet high.

If you choose to build a dome home design, you will need it to be well-thought out and planned ahead of time.

Much the same as any house build, once the sections are assembled, the doors and windows need to be cut out and pre-framed. Then the installation of conduit and wiring must be completed, sewer and water are plumbed, and then the doors and windows are set in place.

When all of this is completed, the plaster can be applied. First the interior, then the exterior. After that dries, waterproof sealer or elastomeric paint needs to be applied.

Once all the construction work is completed, the inside can be designed to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Interestingly, one of the safety aspects of the dome is its tolerance to wind. This type of structure can withstand wind loads over 240 mph. This means it is more resistant to hurricanes and tornadoes than many other structures.

Here are some dome homes listed for sale. They may not be tiny and the price may not be low, but you can get an idea of what can be included in this type of home.

If you are searching for something quite different; a unique style of small housing that you can build on a permanent foundation, you may want to consider a dome design. The open concept can give you unlimited design options for the interior living space.

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