Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Small Cottage

Cottage In Maine

Cottage ExteriorThis is a gorgeous house/cottage in Maine. It is actually for sale; the asking price is $1,300,00.00 – Wow! The house is 960 sq.ft…. I guess it costs A LOT to have a view of the ocean from your cottage.

The price kind of defeats the purpose of small house living but I love the layout which is why I thought I’d share.

There are three bedrooms; two up, one down. I love the way they’ve split up the upstairs bedrooms; a great use of space.

There is one bathroom which is common in small places. You have all that you need.

Living roomIn the living room there is a fireplace and it’s very open – cozy and perfect. The way I see it, a fireplace makes the room. Gas is okay but I love the ambiance and scent of a wood burning stove – or fireplace with insert to make it more efficient.

Someone that loves the outdoors would love the fact that there is a large deck attached to the house. In fact, it runs the length of the house on the ocean view side.

Ocean ViewAnother big plus is that it has big windows. That is something that I always look for in a house. I love natural light.

Although I could never afford such an expense, I probably wouldn’t consider this place even if I could afford it because I know there are just as beautiful places or land available that is no where near that price range.

I believe in simple living, not expensive living.

I’ll be adding some of the design ideas in this house to my house plans. The great ideas are piling up which is a good thing. We’ve got lots of inspiration to take from.


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