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Small Indoor Herb Garden

Fresh Herbs and Vegetable Garden Anywhere

Hydroponic Indoor PlanterOne of the things that I have really miss while we are traveling is a garden. I have always loved fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. We can’t always get “fresh” in the stores. And they don’t taste the same as when they are fresh from the garden.

I’ve often thought about getting a couple of small planters, and planting some vegetables and herbs in them. I figured we could put them in the RV while we are on the road, and have them outside while we are stationary.

I hadn’t done it yet because I keep thinking about the possible mess they could make inside, how much room they could take up when we are already tight on space, and how to keep the plants healthy and growing while we traveled.

But the lure of fresh food is so enticing.

Today, I was excited to come across something that is quite ingenious. It’s a small indoor herb garden in a container so-to-speak. Small enough to fit on a shelf.

They call it a AeroGarden an advanced hydroponic growing system.
The explanation that they give is so much better than I could write here. If you click the link above, you’ll be able to find out more about the system.

It looks like it would be the perfect solution to my dilemma.

Indoor Flower GardenIt actually is capable of growing more than just herbs. It can grows herbs, flowers, lettuce, peppers, veggies and many more. I think I would use it mostly for my favorite herbs.

Who knows? Maybe a second or third for growing the fresh vegetables I love so much.

In the long run, I would save money by growing my own and have the added benefit of eating healthy food that I know is fresh and without chemicals.

Best of all for anyone with limited space is that it is soil free. No mess to worry about.

I’m going to get one of these AeroGarden Indoor Garden systems and get our little garden started before we leave for our summer travels.

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