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The Big Yellow Bus

Inventive Tiny House Design

Yellow Bus HomeWaiting at the bus stop that first day was filled with anxiety, fear, excitement, and anticipation. It was the first day of the new school year and so much was ahead. Looking down the street, the big yellow school bus was approaching. Boarding with all the other children, you were now on your way to begin a new school year full of adventures.

You may recall these memories of past school years. And seeing a big yellow school bus may bring these thoughts and memories to mind.
For Mira Thompson, a big yellow bus has another meaning – it’s her home. Specifically, it’s a tiny home on wheels. When Mira and her husband Jeremy purchased the bus in 2011, it was just an old school bus. It was a 37 foot, 1989 international school bus. Nothing special.

Today it is a tiny house. Only the yellow cab shows that it was once a school bus that carried children to and from school.
Mira and Jeremy bought the bus with their adventure in mind; and it has taken almost four years to complete.

But this was not their beginning.

It started when Mira and Jeremy married and chose a gypsy lifestyle. Part of the time they spent traveling was in a mini school bus.
Somewhere along the way, they realized this was a great life except they now wanted a home base that was close to their family.

Enter the big yellow bus. Thanks to Jeremy’s carpentry and auto body experience, the bus was transformed to meet their lifestyle. At the same time they are keeping the bus in running order, just in case they choose to hit the road again at some point.

KitchenMuch of the materials they used were salvaged and flea market items.

They covered the exterior with cedar shingles, the flooring is Douglas fir, and wood from an old house became the ceiling.

Wooden boxes found at flea markets and garage sales were used to make shelving.

By using recycled materials, they were able to keep the costs down.

BedroomOne of the more interesting parts of there home is the bedroom. The bed is very unique. They built a ceiling over it, framed it and added drawers around the arched opening.

Above the bed is a sitting or lounging nook which gives Jeremy time and space for playing his guitar.

The wheel wells were a bit of a challenge but they found a unique way to use those areas. One has a love seat built on top and the other is a platform that supports a cast iron stove. That stove is their source of heat in the colder temperatures.

They made sure that the kitchen has enough counter space to enjoy preparing and cooking meals. The appliances they chose are unique, in keeping with the ambiance. The refrigerator is a 1959 Frigidaire and the stove was special ordered from Amana.

They chose to make good use of window space. The one at the back, above the bed, is a recycled paned door that they mounted sideways. The rest of the windows are varying shapes and sizes. This allows plenty of light into the entire home.

Lake ViewsToday Mira and Jeremy’s tiny house sits on land that their family owns that overlooks a lake.

As with other people that live in a tiny home, it gives them the extra nudge to get off the couch, go outside and enjoy all that nature and the community has to offer.


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