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Home Building Season Is Coming Fast


Now available in 26′ length.

With the warmest months on there way, it is time to start making plans. If you are thinking about or ready to build, now is the time to get serious about your home building plans.

Tumbleweed is getting serious. They have the trailers ready to go for anyone that will be building a tiny house on wheels.


These aren’t just any trailer…they are specially designed for supporting portable very small homes. They are designed to withstand the pressures of road travel; for keeping your home safe while on the road.

The trailers are a special design, right down to the tires. They aren’t the same tires that you will find on a regular utility trailer – they are upgraded to ensure your safety.

There are two styles of trailer to choose from.

One allows for more head room which means you can build your tiny mobile home with a loft.

The other is made for a single floor home which means a it could be built slightly wider than what you normally see.

And this year, they have added a longer trailer so you have more flexibility in your house design. The newest trailers are 26 feet long.

That means you can choose from 15′, 20′, 24′ and now 26′ in length.

You may want to build a place and leave it in one location. That can be done even if you build on wheels; it just means that if at some point in the future you decide you want to move your tiny home or cottage, you have that option. That is what I call forward-thinking. It’s something that would very expensive to do when you build on a foundation.

Want to know more? Check out the Trailers Here.

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