Living Small Means Living Debt Free

The Gift of Home

Residents of Tiny House Communities

Housing CommunityTiny house enthusiasm is growing and communities are forming throughout some countries.

If you like the idea of simple living, you may like the idea of a tiny house development. Living in town or in a city can be more expensive than living in the country but this is one way of keeping expenses down while enjoying easy access to all that communities have to offer.

For those of you that follow this idea of simple living, you’ll understand that simple doesn’t mean that you are doing without. It is downsizing so that you can live a better life while still having many of the luxuries you have become accustomed to.

Villages For Simple Living

Tiny house villages for the chronic homeless are more widespread than you may realize. One of the first communities was started in Portland, OR in 2000. It started out as a tent city. Today it is a one and a half acre development called Dignity Village and houses approximately sixty residents.

The village has a communal atmosphere – there is a common kitchen, bathhouse, greenhouse, and even has computers with internet in a common area.
The village is on land owned by the city of Portland and is run by a non-profit. The goal is to bring dignity to the homeless.

From that humble beginning, tiny house communities for the homeless now span in numerous locations across the U.S. The most recent being Community First Village of Austin, TX.

When it is completed, this development will house 250 residents on 27 acres. Rent will begin at $150.

There is a communal garden and livestock including goats; the goats will be used to make goat cheese. There will be chickens that produce twenty three dozen eggs per week.

All of this bounty will be used for feeding the residents.

What some of the more progressive cities are realizing is the cost of these housing developments are much less than public housing for the homeless.

One of the least expensive is located in Madison, WI. At $5,000 per unit it is quite reasonable and attainable by many that would never have been able to afford a home of their own.

One of the most expensive is in Olympia, WA at $87,500 per unit.

These developments may not be what most people think about when it comes to tiny house communities. The homes may not fit the mold of traditional small houses. In actuality, there is no mold. It is all about living simply with a small footprint and enjoying the communal spirit of the village.


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