Living Small Means Living Debt Free

A Tiny House Designs

DIY HomeAlthough we know that living in a tiny home is not for everyone, we also know there are many advantages to choosing this lifestyle.

There are also many versions of this lifestyle that you can choose. There are houses of various sizes from really tiny to on the verge of large. What one person may feel is really tiny may be the perfect size for another. Then again, other people may find a house that is approximately 900 square feet to be too small for their tastes.

Just as size is a matter of opinion, so is the reason for choosing to build and live in a small place.

There are lots of people the save money by learning how to build their own tiny house.

This style of living means different things to people.

Some of the most common reasons are:

To save time; giving themselves more freedom to do what really matters. More time for family, sports, travel, relaxation…to make their life less stressful and more enjoyable.

To reduce their debts and save money for their future, to have the ability to take dream vacations, or to have some breathing room from the constant demand on their hard-earned money.

To reduce their carbon footprint. When you think about it, it takes much less resources to build and to live in a small place than it does to build and live in a large place.

In addition, you could use reclaimed resources to build a smaller place. There are many places where you could find such resources.

As you can see, the reasons are as varied as the size and style of the homes.

Healthy LivingContainer House


If you are considering this lifestyle and are going to be moving from a large home into a small one, you will need to make some difficult decisions. Decisions like what you will keep and what you will give away, sell, or donate.

When you live in a little house, space will be at a premium. You will only be able to have the essentials with a little extra. That is not to say you will be deprived of anything. You can have most of the luxuries you are accustomed to as long as they are needed. Remember, essentials only – things that you will use on a regular basis.

Depending on the size of your home, your appliances may need to be on a smaller scale.

Organization is very important. Everything in it’s place and everything needs to have a place. This is a good thing; it means less clutter which translates into less stress. No more need to move dozens of collectibles just to clean.

Healthy Living

Another big bonus is that you will spend more time outdoors; getting fresh air, exercise and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Your time can be spent in your yard reading, gardening, and watching the birds or other wildlife depending on your location.

You may find yourself visiting a park in the region, taking a bike ride, or taking regular walks. You’ll actually have the time for these enjoyments.

Not only will this lifestyle be healthier as you’re spending more time outdoors but it will also be more socially rewarding. You are getting out more, meeting new people, making new friends.


Living small actually promotes imagination and resourcefulness.

Many of the items you have will serve dual purposes. You may choose to have a tri-purpose coffee table that raises to become a work space, and then lower to become the dining table.

Your bed may be a Murphy type bed that closes up during the day to allow for living space and pulls out for sleep time.

Small homes by nature are cozy. When you are reading, fixing dinner, or watching a movie there is a closeness that escapes you in a large home.

Couples and families will naturally spend more together. It fosters an intimacy and brings families closer which benefits everyone.

When you consider everything all together, tiny house designs offer you more freedom, time and extra money to enjoy your life.

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