Living Small Means Living Debt Free

This Says It All

Dee Williams Ted Talk

dwI watched the following video from Dee Williams today. It’s short but Very Powerful!

In approximately 12 minutes, she takes us from the beginning of her tiny house journey to where she is today. It’s personal and gets the story out at the same time.

What got me is that her story is similar to mine. It was a serious medical issue that prompted her to simplify life. It was a serious medical issue that got us to take a look at how we were living and to make changes .

The diagnosis I got prompted the same thought process. What is the point of all this “stuff”? Why weren’t we and why couldn’t we live life to the fullest? What was stopping us? We should be enjoying life not “just” living it. Life is too short to waste it…

It’s very sad that it takes a shock to make us take a look at how we live our lives….and make changes for the better.

Dee took her life to a much simpler level than we have, but then again in comparison, we are two people and three dogs she is one person. I don’t think I could live in a 84 sq.ft. off-grid house. I give her credit though. She is staying true to her beliefs – sustainability and simplicity.

In addition, due to my medical issues, I have some limitations.One of these issues is that I can’t use stairs (or a ladder) so we are limited to one floor. Right now we live most of the year in our RV. Eventually, we will build or buy a very small house that is all on one level. It will have running water and a small but full kitchen because we both like to cook.

Not only did she rid herself of stress, debt, and everything that she “thought” was important; she is living her life with meaning and happiness.

The same thing happened with us – our stress virtually disappeared, we were able to clear up 99% of our debt load (and working on what little remains), and we are both much happier than ever before.

That is exactly what downsizing and simplifying a life will do. We chose this lifestyle for a few basic reasons and got so much more from it than we could ever have thought of.

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