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Gifts for a Tiny Home

It’s Tiny House Party Time

Gifts Scenario:

You are shopping for that special gift for a special friend. It could be for Christmas, a birthday, house warming – whatever the occasion when you want to give a gift.

The problem?

There is so much to choose from. Usually anything goes, unless that person lives in a small home. If that’s the case, the decision may be a little more difficult as there is limited space. Someone that lives in a little place doesn’t want or like to have things that aren’t necessary. There just isn’t the room for extra stuff.

So, what can you give?

Consumables are always welcome. These are gifts that will be used up. Something that doesn’t take up a lot of space and won’t hang around for months, taking up precious space.

Things like:

Food or drink. Something that you know the person or persons love. Something that they can enjoy on their own or with company.

Tickets to a special event you know they would like.

An ebook they have been talking about or along the lines of what they enjoy to read about.

A subscription to an online magazine. There are so many to choose from you’ll have no trouble finding something that they are interested in.

A gift certificate to a place or an event for something that have a keen interest in.

A gift card or prepaid mastercard that they can spend on anywhere – their choice.

Maybe you would prefer to give something that is a little more personal? Something unexpected?

Here are some ideas for things you could get for their home.

We know that a small kitchen can only accommodate small appliances. These days it is quite easy to find common appliances that fit into a tiny home.

Breakfast StationIn many cases, combining appliances into one is a good idea. An unusual but useful combination is a three in one breakfast station. It is a coffeemaker, oven and griddle all in one. You can make coffee and cook breakfast all at once. This all in one machine takes up less room than these three separated. It even has a retro look to it.

Cutting BoardIf the cooking preparation area in their kitchen is at a premium, any extra space would be appreciated. You could give the gift of a cutting board with food prep storage containers tucked under the surface of the board. The drawers slide out so that you can scoop the prepared food into the drawer to keep it fresh and out of the way while you prepare the rest. Honestly, anyone would love this item.

Digital Picture FrameEveryone has some very special photos that they would love to keep and put on display. When you live in a small home, it’s almost impossible to find a place to show of your pictures. There isn’t a lot of wall space or counter space. One solution is a digital picture frame – there are many types to choose from but this one is very versatile. These have been around for awhile but not many people actually put them to good use. Your photos will be on a continual video showcase for everyone to enjoy.

The following are some more common and easy to find ideas. Almost any big department store will carry many versions of these items.

Anyone cooking in a small kitchen tries very hard not to have leftovers. No matter how hard you try, there are times when leftovers just happen. For those times, you could give them collapsible food containers. They take very little storage room when not in use.

Staying organized in a tiny house is extremely important but can also be a challenge. I don’t know about you, but some items that seem to get misplaced or in the way are keys and mail. A small basket with key hooks on the side is a great idea. It can be placed by the door and as soon as you get home, put the mail and keys in the basket where they’ll be ready when you need them again. Plus baskets always look great and keep things neat and in their place.

Bath items are always a problem to store and be ready to use at the same time. You use most of these items on a daily basis so you want them to be easily accessible. That’s where a bath caddy that hangs in your shower is handy. The shampoo, soap, conditioner, puffs, and other items would all have there own place. No more searching for a place to put them out of the way but easy to reach while you shower.

How about the idea of some living art. A combination of a really nice wall planter where some herbs can be grown – fresh herbs available when you need them. What a great idea.

A few other suggestions that don’t take up any space are gifting them maid service once, for a few weeks, or a few months. If they love to dance, you could give the gift of dance lessons. A healthy living advocate would love to have the opportunity to enjoy a yoga class, or a massage. These would definitely put a smile to someone’s face.

When you really think about it, choosing that special gift for a tiny house owner and maybe one for yourself is really not that difficult.

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