Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Small Artistic House Found

Small HouseTwo years ago we made the choice to move from our fairly big house into our RV (which is equal in size to a tiny house) in order to simplify our life and gain a foot-hold on our declining financial future. It was a good choice. We love the simplicity of our life these days, we’ve had a chance to visit many of the places that we would not have been able to in our previous lifestyle, and we have managed to pay off many of our debts which is a big relief.

Now we find ourselves craving a semi-permanent place to settle down for a year or indefinitely. Although we love the nomadic lifestyle, there are things that we miss like having a garden – growing our own fresh vegetables and fruit, puttering in our yard, and having a bit more privacy than what you get when on the road.

For the past few months we have been searching for a small affordable house that we can rent for an indefinite period of time. We have specifics in mind – a small place, a small yard, and some privacy.

A few days ago, while visiting friends at their place of work – which happens to be a winery, we found out about a few tiny houses that they had built on their (the winery owners) property for the purpose of renting them. Unfortunately, they have not promoted them properly therefore they have been sitting virtually unused for awhile. We took a peak at one of the cottages and immediately fell in love with it. It is very unique, quaint and small. Perfect for us!

While there we didn’t think to get any pictures of the house. What you see above is a picture of another building on the property. The small cabin is built using the same type of material.

We took a few days to think about it and talk about it, and it looks like we are both interested in finding out more about this place. We will talk to the owners within the next few days. If the price is right and the house is exactly what we think it is, we may have our small affordable house to settle for the next while. It is exciting.

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