Living Small Means Living Debt Free

An Old Cottage Repurposed Into A Cosy Tiny Cottage

Tiny Cottage ExteriorThey had a plan. They wanted to take an old cottage that was sitting on their property, unused and unusable for many years, and turn it into a nice place for family and friends. Little did they know that the structure and zoning laws would thwart their plans.

Their plan was to build out and up to increase the living space however as the cottage was deemed a “nonconforming structure”, they had to change the plan completely.

Stone FireplaceWith the help of an architect, they were able to work around all the problems. Instead of building up and out, they were able to dig down. The floor of the cottage was lowered and they dug into the hillside which served the original purpose – to increase the size of the dwelling.

The tiny house, which is 450 square feet of unique country charm, is partially built with stone. In the end, they added even more quaintness to an already beautiful country home.  They kept the charm even with the additional work done in modern times.

A Feel Good Housing Story

KitchenBedroomThese are the types of stories that I like to read and write about – small homes (or a small cottage in this case) purposely re-purposed into a beautiful place to live.  It has it all – a cosy place that is small enough not to cost a fortune to own or to live in, and they took advantage of a building that was already there instead of building from scratch and unnecessarily using up resources .

This is the ultimate in affordable housing plans and designs.


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