Living Small Means Living Debt Free

Small And Tiny House Designs

Affordable HousingAffordable housing designs are gaining more and more attention from Americans as a result of rising rents and perpetual debts from buying houses. Like most Americans, you are probably spending at least half of your salary to pay for your house. With 76 percent of the population suffering from the endless cycle of debt, this must be good news.

Advocates of housing that are easy on the pocket have formed many organizations in response to the country’s expensive housing problem. Yes, you can be free finally from all the overtime work, headaches, premature aging and the stress debts often cause. However, you must brace yourself for a big change – it means a change to your house, your spending and your lifestyle. But it’s all positive change.

Downsizing is the answer

Believe it, economical houses still exist. And it is still possible to live in a beautiful house without having to worry about your debt load. To achieve this, you need to downsize—that includes your house and your stuff. With limited space available, you are obliged to have only what you really need in your life – which is another good thing.

Features of a well-designed affordable house

Tiny house contractors should make sure that your house exhibits these features:

The design understands the user’s needs.
The design of a house should fit the age, lifestyle and number of intended occupants. For example, the design of a family house would generally require more rooms and storage compared to an elderly individual living alone. The design should also allow for future adjustments in the house if the owner wishes to.

Materials of high-quality standard should be used.
Although these are houses that are sensible on your financial resources, it doesn’t mean the home should be made from cheap or inadequate materials. The aim is to build a strong house that will last a lifetime. By building it right from scratch, there is a better chance of avoiding heavy repair expenses in the future.

The house should add to the improvement of the neighborhood.
This is a feature that many contractors miss out on. A site plan must consider physical elements other than the home, for example sidewalks, yards, parks, playgrounds and streets.

Other benefits

When you plan to get a home within your budget, it enables you to freely customize the home to taste. If you plan it well, it could also be built in a manner that complements the environment by reducing your consumption. As more organizations and promoters of these homes are founded, the greater the tips, guides and manuals made available on to you. Today, there are some very useful online sources you can view anytime you want.

Tiny houses can be built to accommodate any king of household. There are very interesting plans of tiny homes for families and plans for single people. People from all walks of life are discovering the benefits of these affordable houses. What they do is bring necessity to the forefront and put excess space and compartments on the back burner – with style!

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